in my stocking

8 Nov 2011

Day four; snake one. A slender, dark brown fellow hurries nimbly away from the toilet as I approach. At least he flushed..

In the late afternoon Santa arrives. Somewhat early since it’s only the beginning of November, but bearing gifts and good cheer nonetheless. W, the manager of the section, has made the seven hour trip from down south to come and check that I’m settled in. He’s brought a drum of petrol (198 litres, not 200 – the pump in Massingir ran out at 198) and a drum of drinking water from the borehole near his house. Plus, tarrataraaaaaa..  a small gas freezer! And Cokes and fruit juice and Pao rolls and cold beer and cigarettes and all things nice.

H, his assistant, proves to be a really useful interpreter, so I use the opportunity to explain a few things to the guys on my crew. W and H stay over – it’s way too much of a journey to do a return trip in one day.

View from the campfire: Two jumbos out on a stroll. A lot of elephant around - sometimes quite vocal at night when they come down to the river to dig for water.

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