the tropics win

13 Nov 2011

The Shangane people have a saying that goes something like ‘A sleeping cheetah does not catch a hen’.

Well, let it be put on record that I at least tried.

Neither of the fridges that I so elaborately tried to insulate have shown any improvement in performance. No ice. No nice.

Creative thought of the day: Perhaps I could start a worm farm on my sweaty steaks and try to catch a few fish?

Magic all around: I spotted this little guy outside my tent last night when I set my gimmicky new LED torch on ultraviolet. When I clicked it back to white he was hardly visible. A stroll with the light revealed three more around camp, including a black, thick-tailed dude with a mean attitude. Sigh.. and it was so good to be able to cool my feet in plakkies in the evenings..

1 thought on “the tropics win

  1. Hi, so lekker om saam met jou Mozambiek weer te kan beleef! Ons hier in die Kaap beleef soos gewoonlik weer die storms! Wind, maar ook nodige reen. Net om jou ook bietjie jaloers te maak: die walvisse baljaar in Walkerbaai, en ons pak tent en opblaasmatras vir so 6 dae 4×4 langs die Weskus, van Strandfontein, verby Groenrivier, Hondeklipbaai tot by Kleinsee. Hopelik vang ons ‘n Weskus vissie en kry ‘n paar krefies vir die kole?! Gaan weer met jou gesels. Ons geniet jou skrywe!!

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