getting technical

29 Nov 2011


The good chef Renck has gone his adventurous way to Maputo and I’m left to get back on track with my now improved life.

New toys include a 5kVA generator to replace the puttering piccanin that preceded it, some solar panels, and a battery charger with muscle. All brand new, but, frustratingly, jinxed.

I manage to get the generator’s damaged wiring sorted out but have to fall back on my little charger to try and invigorate the depleted batteries that I need to run my sensitive comms without fear of power spikes putting another nail in their coffin.

The new satellite router finally gets on line, but only after I discover that many of my woes have been due to a dodgy cable. And that the spare cable, which I’d used to check it with, doesn’t work at all! My phone’s still not working, my system is in disarray and I can only connect online for brief periods at a time with a jury rig, but at least I’m part of the world again and the belly she is full.

I have stacks of fresh fruit and veg and a stocked larder of contentment, but there really seems to be a need for the services of a good sangoma in my camp!

One of many interesting goggos.

Tomorrow I’m heading south to go and renew my papers at the border, then to the town of Massingir, and then to another beautiful nature reserve south of the Olifants river. I hope to tell you all about it next week when I’m back .


1 thought on “getting technical

  1. Howdy H!I
    you sure produce some good writing! it is really nice the way you write about your adventures, your troubles and how you overcome or solve them. I wonder how I’d feel being in your shoes (sandals) but, being much more an office kind of guy and having read all your postings, I am convinced I would not manage on my own. But don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to be there with you and live a “2.0 edition” of our Garden Route adventure of 2008.
    Take care H!
    Best regards,

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