normality a myth

19 April 2012

Some things I never thought I’d be doing when I came here:

  • Pick through my muesli to separate the mouse turds from the raisins.
  • Try to make Fissan paste from mealiemeal, margerine and salt.
  • Arrange curses and swearwords so they rhyme.
  • Talk about the weather to a lizard with a blue tail.
  • Fire-strip yellow fungus to get to the bread underneath.
  • See a highly pregnant woman push a plough at 4.30 a.m.
  • Drain muddy water from the headlights of a vehicle.
  • Fry brinjals on the blade of a machete.
  • Use four languages in the same sentence.
  • Cybertrack the path of a cyclone.
  • Take a picture of a giraffe’s dick.

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