About Chef BelAir

Chef BelAir is not a chef.

As a matter of fact, he can’t even cook.

‘Chef’ means ‘chief’ in Mozambique, and that’s what he is. Chief of his own one-man camp, to be exact.

And BelAir?

Well, he’s always dreamed of owning a ’57 Chev BelAir. A hardtop sport coupe, with Turboglide transmission. And cruising down a lonely dirt road into the sunset with good company and good blues.

8 thoughts on “About Chef BelAir

  1. Hi Chef BelAir
    Dreams do come true. As Thomas Kinkade so eloquently put it, “When we learn to say a deep, passionate yes to the things that really matter, then peace begins to settle onto our lives like golden sunlight sifting to a forest floor.” And, there you are – at the end of another beloved dirt road, with the music (and the words) in your heart and sunlight on your floor – peace be with you, my dearest friend.
    I am impressed with this ‘self-constructed’ blog-site – just shows, it’s never too late to learn an old dog some new tricks! Enjoy this road ‘less travelled’, the steaming heat and the wonderful company…
    Chef/Chief, you are in fact cooking!
    Resident Alien (Chief Editor)

  2. Howdy!
    Chef, Chief or whatever, to me you’ll always be “H”, my “grote vriend”. You got yourself a really nice place and I am ever so happy to be able to follow what you’ve done so far and what you will do next. “I’m on your six” from now on!
    Take care, lots of success!
    Peter (a.k.a. “LBA”)

  3. WTF chief…!!!!! Please look out for them sneaky Mambas. In those parts of the world a pair of fangs in a pendulating part of your anatomy whilst visiting nature might leave you with leathal rather than loving effects!

    Ek volg jou blog my ou mater.Erg merkwaardig.

    Beste wense hier uit `n koue Kanada.

  4. Chef! Ek love jou blog!!! Dit gee ons gewone mense ‘n kykie in die rou omstandighede waarin julle bosmense werk. – Renck het my afgevaardig om jou onlangse lysie benodighede te gaan koop – Hoop dit is min of meer wat jy gesoek het?? Om my in ‘n kooperasie in te stuur met ‘n lysie is soos om jou by Ruby’s of Middestad fabrics in te stuur met ‘n lysie! – haha – nietemin, darm baie hulpvaardige winkel assistente gewees. Ek kom kuier weer as die son bietjie bedaar het ;o)

  5. Hi, damn I’m so jealous of you being out there in the bush ! Will have ” Babalaas Burgers ” ready when you pitch next week, hope the weather lets you out, bloody miserable here today ! Have a good trip.

  6. Chef BelAir
    Thank you for hosting our crew of bush experts this past few days. In spite of inclement weather and a lost supply vehicle you managed to keep us fed and comfortable. What a special place. Even those of us who are lucky enough to have seen many wild areas were blown away by the rugged, wild beauty of that special piece of wilderness.
    I got home and listened to Canned Heat singing ‘Going up the Country’.
    Mark W

  7. Hey, skielik geworry oor jou en die verspoelings, toe dag ek OK, as jy nog blog lewe jy nog! So toe lees ek nou sommer als en ek dink dis great. Soos jy kan dink is ek jaloers – geniet dit maar namens my ook!

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