from wise blue eyes into the wide blue skies

20 Dec 2011

Thirty km outside Phalaborwa lies the Selati private game reserve, 30 000ha of bluechip lowveld bush where the big beasts roam and lucky folks get to visit. My hosts there last night were acclaimed contemporary wildlife artist Keith Joubert and his wife Val, at their bushveld retreat where they live when not in Botswana.

Keith is an inspiring fireside companion. He’s passionate about wildlife and wilderness, with wisdom as much as knowledge. We talked till late and I really, really enjoyed his company. Those penetrating blue eyes see beyond, with even more than the artist’s vision, into the very soul of Africa. (Read more about him here: )

Now, as I’m about to climb into the belly of the silver bird at Hoedspruit’s charming little Eastgate airport where Val dropped me off, I’m leaving with a feeling of having been enriched by the low country and its people and creatures. It may be time to go and kick my feet up on the soft sofa of civilization for a while, but I’ve realized one should not grow too attached to it. Africa’s magic calabash holds many other potions to sip from.

Taking to the skies. In the background is the great Drakensberg escarpment where the inland plateau of central RSA drops off to the lowveld. As a youngster I lived on the slopes of Mariepskop, a bastion of this range.

3 thoughts on “from wise blue eyes into the wide blue skies

  1. Howdy! Thank you so much for the wonderful and many times surprising and/or astonishing readings of the last couple of weeks. I really enjoy reading them and I hope many more such articles will follow. I hope you will enjoy your stay in SA and I wish you a merry Christmas and a wonderful, successful, happy and mud-free new year.
    Take care “grote vriend”,

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